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This post is going to be a little different than others, as I expect to update it over time with resources I find about design engineering.

This is one of the first websites I found dedicated to the recent hype. Launched by Karl Koch, it also seems to be one of the most fully covered with design engineering materials and resources such as related posts and jobs.

Launched very recently by Moe Amaya. This seems to be specifically a job board and it has a sleek design with many visual doodads. It’s interesting that the bottom of the page says “Job board for design engineers…cause there isn’t one” when there’s one right at the top of this list!

Launched by Dr. Mehmet Aydın Baytaş. At the time of this writing this only shows an email waitlist. His feed suggests merch will be coming as well.

At this point we should just check for designengineer.[TLD]! is currently available taken and I imagine would be a great landing for disambiguating our practice.

Launched by Lee Nelson. It markets itself as for designers interested in coding; so maybe not precisely what we might describe as a design engineer, but similarly aligned for sure. This also includes a waitlist but seems to have a bit more polish and content than the other waitlist. It also discloses a few more features expected to launch, such as news and learning materials.

This site by Konstantin Fe which includes a slack community. He has also written a handbook available on the site.

This site is shared by Rick Waalders. At the time of this writing this only shows an email waitlist.


Created by Mike Posso, it seems to be planned to have frequent challenges and mentorship opportunities to level up peers in the field.

Recent launch by Garth Braithwaite which is currently a newsletter signup. This is meant to be a bit more niche than the others; focusing on design system engineering.

There’s nothing at this domain, but I’ll call it out because I own it! Is the space saturated? Is there something that these sites miss? Do I need another project to potentially maintain. All very good questions. What should I do?

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